How to Charter a Multihull for the CMC

The CMC hosts four days of very competitive racing, beginning and ending each day in Simpson Bay. All multihull yachts are welcome. Most charter companies do not charter for racing, but individual owners might.
We will also host a four-day Cruising Rally, beginning in Simpson Bay and heading to Tintemarre for the afternoon, and then Great Bay for Thursday night; Anse Marcel for Friday night, and St. Barth’s for Saturday night, to then head back to the SMYC on Sunday. Most charter companies are happy to charter for the Rally. Availability of yachts for the time period around the CMC may be limited, so if interested, act now!
Longtime CMC Gold Sponsor Moorings/Sunsail will charter for the period around the time of the CMC. Also, Dream, Kiriacoulis, and Private Yacht Charters may have boats available.

How to Find a Berth for the CMC

The CMC will have about 40 boats entered in the 6th edition, beginning on Registration Day on the 31st of January 2024. Most boats that are entered for racing or for cruising have crew, but each year we are approached by skippers looking for crew to join or round out their team. And since we also have a Women’s Sailing Team, there are specific opportunities for women to race as well.
If you are interested in finding a berth for day racing or for the rally, please send an email with qualifications to CMC Volunteer Operations and Marketing Director Stephen Burzon at [email protected], or send a WhatsApp message to Burzon at +1.721.520.6030.
Some skippers may offer paid slots on their boats, especially for the rally, so if interested in buying a berth, indicate that in your email.

How to Find Crew for the CMC

The CMC is very popular on the island, and there are many excellent and experienced sailors living here. We also always receive inquiries from abroad regarding crewing opportunities on multihulls in the CMC. Some of these inquiries come from sailors with remarkable backgrounds. If you are looking for a crew, please send an email or WhatsApp message with your requirements to Stephen Burzon, CMC Volunteer Operations and Marketing Director, at +1 721 520 6030 or email him at [email protected]. Please provide us with some information about your boat and needs.

On Yacht Scoring there’s a button called “CREW/BOAT/CHARTER BOARD”. This section serves as a meeting point for sailing enthusiasts. Crew members can say they want to join a boat, and boat owners can find crew members.