CMC VI Introduces Time Trials for Cruising Multihulls™️

28 August 2023 – For immediate release

CMC VI Introduces Time Trials for Cruising Multihulls™️

The Caribbean Multihull Challenge Race & Rally announced that for the 6th edition, sailors will have a third option for participation in this fast-growing Caribbean winter season regatta; Time Trials for Cruising Multihulls™️.

From 2019 to 2022, the CMC focused on racing only for all multihulls based on the Racing Rules of Sailing. 2023 saw the introduction of a cruising rally for skippers who wanted to participate in an organized regatta, but who did not want to race. This rally – held concurrently with the racing portion – was an instant success proven by a first time showing of 13 yachts participating.

Now sailors will have a third option; Time Trials for Cruising Multihulls for skippers that want to compare their skill and speed with others in a non-racing format.  Entrants in the Time Trials division will sail destination courses each day; with an overnight at each destination allowing those sailors to party with CMC Cruising Rally members.

Yachts in the Time Trials division will not be racing.  These entries will attempt to score the lowest time result on each course and the Racing Rules of Sailing will not apply. Each yacht will respect Collision at Sea Regulations.  Skippers are advised to check with their insurance providers to determine whether participation in a speed trial with a timed start rather than a conventional sailboat racing start is allowed within the parameters of their coverage.

About the Caribbean Multihull Challenge:

The St Maarten Yacht Club will host the sixth annual Caribbean Multihull Challenge from February 1-4, 2024. The event is open to all multihull sailors on racing catamarans and trimarans as well as chartered cats and cruising multis. For more information visit

About the Sint Maarten Yacht Club:

Established in 1980 with the goal to promote sailing on the island of St Maarten. It organizes multiple sailing events throughout the year, with the St Maarten Heineken Regatta as its crown jewel. A youth sailing program stimulates local youngsters to become part of the sailing community, teaching them life skills like team work, perseverance and confidence. Always looking to further develop sailing on St Maarten, the Club is active in promoting the sport, as well as the beautiful island on which it is located. For more information visit